Monday, December 5, 2011

our 3-day family vacation ☺

As the ATFEST 2011 started, we packed our things and flew to CEBU ♥

Day 1 November 27 - Flight to CEBU ☺:

-----> First of all when we went in the plane we saw this cute and handsome flight attendant from CEBU PACIFIC. I took a picture of him secretly :)) just a side view of him coz I think his co-flight attendants saw me taking pictures of him. LOL. Me and my sister were awake the whole hour just to look him. 

We arrived earlier than expected. Weee. When we arrived, my uncle was waiting for us and we started on our trip. First off to Lapu-Lapu Shrine. And we were like messing up with the statue. HAHAHA. XD

LECHON for lunch :9.
We rested for awhile at our hotel room and traveled to SIMALA for almost 5hours to and from.

Went back to our hotel room. ZZZZzzz

Day 2 November 28 - Island Hopping ☺

We started our day with a JOLLIBEE breakfast meal at around 9am. Bought a CEBU MAP at the National Bookstore and started on our road trip. I was the map reader and I led them to BANBAN BEACH. COOL that we just followed the map and we got there. 

We rented a boat and did our 5 hour island hopping. Forgot the names of the three islands we went to. XD

Like they're offering something to the mother of the sea. XD
Our Lunch. I only ate the shells coz I don't eat the crabs.

Parasailing. I want to try too.
They're just above us that time and they waved at us so we waved back at them.

Day 3 November 29 - Our Dear Mother's Birthday ♥

This day is our mother dearest's birthday, my sisters and I just bought a book about low-calorie food, a mocha cream cake and cream puffs for her. :) We had no budget already as it was our last day. HEHE. :)


Fries | Bob Marlin
Lechon Kawali | Bob Marlin

Watched a movie

At Quantum


Lunch at Dimsum Break


Very late Dinner at Gerry's


That's probably what we did on our short stay at Cebu.
We just enjoyed every moment we were together.

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