Thursday, October 25, 2012

REUNION w *Summer* Dutymates

Lunch out at Mang Paeng's Inasal
Off to Mindpro's cinema to watch Anne Curtis' A Secret Affair
Cha Moments! Raoph's poor treat to us. joooke.
After watching, we wernt with Raoph to buy fruits for his mother at Tetuan.


Finally, my fave area at the hospital- Operating Room. I applied for volunteer work at ZCMC and I got into OR and will start on November 5 and will end first week of February. I was so happy that I took a picture of this. :P still thinking if I should extend. HOHOHO!

Monday, October 15, 2012

David's Surprise Party.

Red Off-Shoulder Blouse and pants - my outfit for David's Red Themed surprise party.

Night Swimming.

Last October 13, me and my family had our night swimming and at that moment my aunt called and they will be arriving, she and her son. It's her son's birthday so we did a small birthday celebration. I had FUN swimming with my sisters. NYEHE!
My beautiful Mother

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dinner at Keith's.

Last night was Keith's pre-birthday and post-congratulatory party. We had dinner and karaoke-ed all through the night. And I had FUN really and now I am going to share some photos we took.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

LJ's Bash.

Yesterday we were invited to Lj's birthday party at Pavillion, Regency so I attended with the whole family. I had Fun watching the birthday boy play with himself, running around the venue and eating dirtily; so fun to watch a child having fun. Now, I'm going to share some photos from yesterdays affair.

FIRST- his photos =P

his cake made by his loving mother.

The band with my sister and Regine on stage.
Again my sister playing the flute.

And a group danced an intermission number.

And then there was me with my sisters playing with faces.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oath Taking.

YEAH! Finally, a Certified Nurse already! So I'm gonna share some photos from yesterday's event. 
 mi solo.
 with my little sister
 my mother dear
 and a wacky pose with my buddy/sister
family picture without joy. lol
 Pinning of our PNA pin.
 with JM
 with BABY
 with FREN
with ZAH
my loves. closest dutymates ever!
my ever loudest seatmates during the oath taking.
AND MY CELEBRITIES FAMILY. not all attended though but I was happy!