Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fantastic Friday.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to school early in the morning and waited for the ADZU cashier to open. My mother went there first then I followed then I was surprised to see a television showing Just for Laughs (Fr.'s favorite) --- that was entertaining. Nice to have some entertainment while waiting for your turn to pay tuition at the cashier.

Then we went to YES! Salon to have a haircut. My before and after photo of my hair. I just wanted a trim but look! I have short hair now. HUHU. I complained about this the whole day yesterday but I thank the hair cutter for a job well done.
Then we went to buy stuffs for my duty then we ate lunch at Jollibee. :9 My all-time favorite Spicy Crispy Chicken-Joy and the new Crispy Wings. yummy!
After that, we went home and then we went to fetch my sister at school and went to watch TAKEN 2 at the cinemas. Yeah! That movie was great. So breathtaking! I had FUN yesterday.

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