Tuesday, January 31, 2012

facial it all away!

Hello! Got busy with watching City Hunter. HAHA. Have you watched it? It has a cool, action-filled and cute story plus the main characters are handsome and beautiful. 

Oh, enough with that, today we only have morning class so me and my mom planned to have our facial. My face isn't cared for so much and my mom concerns about this so she decided to give me a treat. :) I got blackheads, pimples and whiteheads because of stress, pollution and other factors. So we went to my mom's friend's salon and got a regular facial -- a facial treatment for all skin types that deep-cleans your face. The price is affordable just P150 (imagine!) for an hour of treatment. The place is small but it has a comfy bed and is air-conditioned. The therapist was from the closed spa salon Bio-essence at Southway; she is good and her hands are gentle. 

Here's what we experienced awhile ago:

First, the therapist massaged our head with a little fragrant oil then cleaned with water then added 3 other fragrant refreshing creams.
Then she covered our eyes and started steaming our faces for a couple of minutes ;)

She then started scrubbing out our dead skin cells. Ouch!
She put on a cream that was refreshing menthol-like effect.
Removed it with clean water
Tightened the pores using the laser.
At last! added some kind of oil again for the finishing touch! ;)
me with the mask cream
after! a clean face. :))
*sorry for the low quality photos. Used my celly's phone only. ;)

Try their regular facial and other facial treatment services too. The salon is called Vidal located near the paradahan of Pasonanca utility jeepneys. ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Session with C!

Our midterm exams and grades were finally out! Whew! Thank God we passed and and we were happy to get GOOD grades from our 2 of our major subjects this day ---NEL and Clinical Teaching. After our last class I got invited to go to our classmate's dorm so at around 3.00pm we went there and had our *drinking* session ;). They sponsored Tanduay Ice and Mang Juans && brought a portable karaoke set.

So for this mini-celebration or because we were just bored and have nothing to do after class or because someone just wanted to drink I have captured some photos awhile ago with my celly and here they are:

Watching WIPEOUT! the right side pips.

the left side pips! ;)

Mr. Junpyo serving the drinks.

Gail and I sitting at the back had our pose. 

So that's it for a wild afternoon for us and an even wilder for the ones who stayed late I think coz some of us left early after having a couple of drinks. It's so early to celebrate but we were just so happy with the results or maybe I'm the one who's happy! HAHA. XD Ciao! Till next!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Grandmother's Treat

Hello! Long time to blog for me eh?! The computer got some virus and we had to reformat it but then it got mixed up with my midterms so at long last here I am again blogging. This is a very late post! :) 

My grandmother went to our house last Sunday before our midterms started and she got two gift certificates worth P300 each so she decided to treat us so we went to Red Ribbons. Tsk. Deleted the picture of that gift certificate and I cannot retrieve it. So a short post of our grandmother's treat.

What I love and what we ate at Red Ribbons - Camins!
I love the cakes

I also love the place and its wall decors
I especially love this wall decor!
Carbonara - my order. YUMMY! CREAMY!

Beef Tocino with Egg
Burger Steak
Ube Cake

Thank You Lola and Thank You Sodexo ;)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Yesterday was my parents' 22nd Wedding Anniversary so we went to celebrate with them. We went to Fort Pillar last night to pray and later on chilled with the music brought by The Southwinds at the Lobby bar at Garden Orchid Hotel. We stayed there till the band finished playing their music.

My Mama and Papa ♥
Walking hand-in-hand
At the Fort Pillar
Cheers! At the Lobby Bar
Listening to the band's music
The Southwinds with different singers. I only knew Twinkle in the last picture and the guy they said was with the band Frio.
Their last pictures together that night. ♥

Friday, January 6, 2012

duty turned overnight ♥

Last night was our first duty for the year 2012 and it sure wasn't any of our other graveyard shift duty like. Our duty last night was turned into an overnight and because we have company (WMSU student nurses) there, we just gave away all the cases they could have last night because we all have completed our cases. We started talking about anything and I mean ANYTHING at 11pm straight till 5.30am already and then we felt tired and sleepy already so we slept for about 1 hour only. Our clinical instructor dismissed us already so we agreed to go to school just to say "HI" to our peers there then went to eat breakfast together at Jollibee Camins. That was one hell of a night like when we go to overnights. HAHA :) I got some pictures from last night and this morning so here they are.

Rhea holding M&Ms Mint Thrills brought by Nickel
Nickel and Major
First to feel sleepy
The talkers
Feeling sleepy already
Ann again feeling sleepy
Look there's our clinical instructor joining with our talk.
Me and Rhea
 Awake still at around 4 am
 And here's the time!
Sleepy Rhea comes 2nd

 They can't handle it so they slept and we later on we joined them XD

Having our breakfast at Jollibee together. ☺

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