Tuesday, January 31, 2012

facial it all away!

Hello! Got busy with watching City Hunter. HAHA. Have you watched it? It has a cool, action-filled and cute story plus the main characters are handsome and beautiful. 

Oh, enough with that, today we only have morning class so me and my mom planned to have our facial. My face isn't cared for so much and my mom concerns about this so she decided to give me a treat. :) I got blackheads, pimples and whiteheads because of stress, pollution and other factors. So we went to my mom's friend's salon and got a regular facial -- a facial treatment for all skin types that deep-cleans your face. The price is affordable just P150 (imagine!) for an hour of treatment. The place is small but it has a comfy bed and is air-conditioned. The therapist was from the closed spa salon Bio-essence at Southway; she is good and her hands are gentle. 

Here's what we experienced awhile ago:

First, the therapist massaged our head with a little fragrant oil then cleaned with water then added 3 other fragrant refreshing creams.
Then she covered our eyes and started steaming our faces for a couple of minutes ;)

She then started scrubbing out our dead skin cells. Ouch!
She put on a cream that was refreshing menthol-like effect.
Removed it with clean water
Tightened the pores using the laser.
At last! added some kind of oil again for the finishing touch! ;)
me with the mask cream
after! a clean face. :))
*sorry for the low quality photos. Used my celly's phone only. ;)

Try their regular facial and other facial treatment services too. The salon is called Vidal located near the paradahan of Pasonanca utility jeepneys. ;)


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