Monday, January 23, 2012

A Grandmother's Treat

Hello! Long time to blog for me eh?! The computer got some virus and we had to reformat it but then it got mixed up with my midterms so at long last here I am again blogging. This is a very late post! :) 

My grandmother went to our house last Sunday before our midterms started and she got two gift certificates worth P300 each so she decided to treat us so we went to Red Ribbons. Tsk. Deleted the picture of that gift certificate and I cannot retrieve it. So a short post of our grandmother's treat.

What I love and what we ate at Red Ribbons - Camins!
I love the cakes

I also love the place and its wall decors
I especially love this wall decor!
Carbonara - my order. YUMMY! CREAMY!

Beef Tocino with Egg
Burger Steak
Ube Cake

Thank You Lola and Thank You Sodexo ;)

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