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wilted plant

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my TODOLIST 12-19-10

my schedule for today:

  • BREAKFAST *done (milo and sandwich)
  • help clean the house
  • take a bath
  • go buy gift for manito/manita for tomorrows party
  • also buy costume for the surprise dance number for dec 22
  • go home
  • wait for a call
  • meeting
  • teach steps to 2 titas for the dance number
  • practice dance
  • rest
  • freshen up
  • go somewhere
  • go somewhere
  • HOME
  • freshen up
  • SLEEP zZZZzzz


need to do this after posting this. :))

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Friday, December 17, 2010

eto na TALAGA ang LAST duty for the year 2010

  • Last duty for the year 2010, we were hanging out in the conference room and then Zahra and Dyanne were singing Pasulyap-sulyap by Tootsie Guevarra:
  • Zahra and Dyanne: pasulyap-sulyap kat kunwari, patingin-tingin sa..
  • Zahra: akin..
  • Dyanne: hangin..
  • Pasulyap-sulyap kat kunwari'y
  • Patingin-tingin sa akin
  • Di maintindihan ang ibig mong sabihin
  • Kung mayro'ng pag-ibig ay
  • Ipagtapat mo na sa akin
  • Agad naman kitang sasagutin
  • hahaha. : )) tralalalalala


I want to be a KID again ;)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

practice like HELL!

We had the first practice for the second dance number today and it was like HELL yeah!. We finished the steps for this 5 minutes remix of songs in 2 hours but, not pa well polished. I am SWEATING like HELL too! :)) I have duty tomorrow and I don't have my objectives and plan of activities for tomorrows duty at BRENT DL and it's like 12midnight already. And also I did not shower yet because I'm sweaty. What will I do?? I think I can't drive to Brent tomorrow because I will feel sleepy. Hayyzz, why is there a duty tomorrow and then the Saturday none? HOWMYGADH!! Okay, too much for this. Need to shower and then do my requirements. byeee. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

window shopping with patricia

This day is our last day of class for the year 2010. After our 2nd period class,I ate lunch alone at the kiosk, went to the ladies lounge and slept there but still hearing horrible singing voice of a, I think a second year student, so I think I am just closing my eyes. At around 1pm, I woke up and suddenly called a name and that person is not who I thought she is. Ouch! so shameful. After that I went to my room and get ready for philo but then we don't have class luckily I saw Rhea and Patty. Rhea went with Almira and I and Patty went together. First, Patty and I sat on the stoned bench at the front of the zoolab then awhile later, we decided to go to Mindpro to freshen up plus look for gifts for our manito/manita. We toured the whole place and then went back to school at around 3pm waiting for the next class which is histo. We sat again on the stairs at the LRC building then after awhile went to the backfield when we saw there our classmates we stopped by. They saw me and asked for my camera, we took pictures and posed. They played softball and we just watched. It is nice to have good and funny friends, they make me laugh and smile always. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

what a practice?!

Our grand reunion for my mother's side is fast approaching. It will be on the 22nd of December and we just finished practicing our dance intermission number. It was so tiring but nice workout for all of us because we are becoming very HUGE. (ha ha the term). Well, first practice was quite fun. It will be my 3rd dancing presentation in-front of many people. Ok, bye for now because I will be doing my requirements and will study for the exams tomorrow. Advance good night. :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

LAST duty for the YEAR 2010 :)

Yesterday was my last duty for the year 2010 and it was great.
I alarmed my cp at 4am that morning but then I said it's early so I turned off the alarm and forgot to wake up at 5am but luckily my mother woke me up. Thanks MOM, you're the best. Next thing, I dressed up and it's 6:30am plus on my watch and I haven't finished, inside I am panicking but I don't want to show that I AM. There's no traffic and all that's why I arrived at the hospital at exactly 7am. Thank GOD. :)

I used my apron and put on my cap and then signed in. We are not going to chart but just do the vital signs taking in the ward. My patient is Ana Rose, she was admitted because she was driving drunk and bumped into a post; she has a skeletal traction on her right femur and a missing nail on her right 5th digit hand. That day, the nurse there told her that they need to change the dressing because it was wet but the patient don't like after that when the nurse was gone, I asked my patient again and she said "only if I would to it". I was happy! :) I told this to my C.I. and my C.I told the nurse that my patient is now agreeing to change the dressing of her wound only if I would it (special request huh) then my C.I. told me to ask one from my dutymates for help. I changed the dressing and I was very careful not to let my patient feel pain; and I am sweating; I can feel my feet need to rest now. I succeeded. Yey!

My dutymates ordered shawarma. We ate it in our conference room after we ate our lunch. YUMMY! Then after lunch, we took the promised exam, and I have no answer for the solving part because I forgot how the formula is. :(

Duty part is over, the 4 of my dutymates and I had a rode trip to PASEO and to PASONANCA BUTTERFLY GARDEN. It was fun! That's all. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010



I am reading about traction especially the types of traction for tomorrows exam on our last day of duty for this year 2010. :)

After duty, me and my dutymates will go out to have our advance mini xmas party. We will just eat someplace where food is yummy.

gtg, got to study now.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Atfest'10 has finally ended. The Atfest this year seems a little boring. I did not enjoy any rides at the CARNIVAL located at the back parking area. I did not really enjoyed the opening parade although it was my first time joining with my classmates. I also did not attend to the Alumni night because I think it will rain and so it did, if I did come then I would be wasting my time there because there's no place to go.
In the 1 week Atfest I can only count how many times I went to school to enjoy; I could also count how many hours I stayed there. I also went to school and stayed for hours because of my payback, took pictures of my youngest sister in their grade school night and the ATTENDANCE of joining the parade, and that seminar-seminar of the nursing thingy. And the most important reason is that I went to school just for my allowance. (my allowance when it comes to Atfest increases by 50 %)
First day-November 29, 2010 The Opening Parade. Started at around 9am. It was the first time that our shirts for the parade were distributed early. It was distributed 2 days before the parade. The college of nursing has 4 divisions during the parade-the earth, wind, water and fire--the 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and the 4th year students. There were muses and escorts or somewhat like mascots for every year level; they are dressed very beautifully, so gorgeous like angels. In our parade, the cheers are practiced twice with choreos. I went to the practice once and escaped after the attendance was taken. Then we just paraded around the town and after watched the pop dance competition. The parade was tiring. And it was so hot, good thing, our props were of a child's umbrellas that we need to sway up here and up there. arrgg. TIRING. XD
Second day-November 30, 2010 My Payback night (2pm to 9pm), the section's turn to help in the food committee and the singing competition I have to attend to because I also want to. Helping the food committee--IT SUCKS, I helped in washing the tupperwares and all; I helped prepare the foods for the athletes, ALSO TIRING. Next, changed my clothes to duty uniform, I am assigned at the backfield area. The softball game of nursing versus is that accountancy or SLA?? well, doesn't matter, NURSING lost, it was 1-10. haha. It was fun and boring duty. Fun because people were calling MEDIC, MEDIC and we were all in a panic mode and runs to them. Boring because we just sit there and watch the game and then just like that, also we cannot cheer that's why it was boring. I forgot to tell you I just borrowed the duty shoes I wore during that time and it was fitting, hard to run and all, and if my feet could talk it would tell me "hey! I can't breathe". Well, what can I do, I thought the shoes I worn would be suitable for my duty uniform. :( The duty lasted for about uhm, 4 hours only, we packed at around 6pm, duty's off. yey!. Next, the singing competition, I changed my clothes again to that of my clothes earlier and went to meet my mother and my sisters at the MPCC to watch and support our boarder who was in the competition solo category. She won 3rd place. We stayed there until 10pm.BTW, the nursing choral won 1st place. whew! tiring day also.
Third day, where was I?? December 1, 2010, I remembered, I was just at home. It was supposed to be a movie day but then my bestfriend has a game and driving lessons that day. We were supposed to watch MY AMNESIA GIRL starring Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz. Oh Well. That was a time I felt abandoned because after that day, no text from my BFF that we can watch it by Thursday. I'm dissapointed.
Fourth day, UHmm. December 2, 2010. Where was I again??
Fifth day, The Alumni Homecoming Night, Well, I did not attend too, because I can feel the rain will start pouring in awhile.

The Sixth day, I went to school for a seminar and I went there so late, the seminar was 7:30am and I arrived at 9:00am. The seminar would end up at 9:30am, I was SO LATE and only 30 mins left for me, but then I went in because on of the clinical instructor was just at my back. YEY! I was happy because I caught up with the attendance and I have 30 mins to stay there and listen to the blah blah blah. Then, I went home after talking to my friends, and ate sour mango, bought shake cereals, etc.
Last day, the sunday, I was just at home too, nothing to do or nothing I want to do. I was forced to do my requirements but in the end just copied from my classmates. I did not studied for mondays expected exams. Luckily, there's no exam and the monday classes are not that heavy compared to the tuesdays. AND after the monday class, 2 days holidays and then 3 days duty. aww.

This is the last. good night. Don't know how to end my journal. :))

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I suddenly feel not going to duties anymore AND I don't know WHY?? :(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I learned something and IT SHOCKED me until now..

My class ended at 5:30pm today and then I have to wait for my sister to finish their practice and then WE can go home. I transferred my car inside the campus and went to the ladies lounge to wait, there I saw my best friend. We talked and talked until she said something about our dear grade school classmate. And that's a secret I won't post. :/

gudnight ♥

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

accounts XD

And I found another BLOG that I HAVE and I think it's the oldest because my last post is of YEAR 2005. Lucky I found you OR not. Must delete the others, it's making me feel stressful. Although I liked it but still.. it's too many for me.

From now on.
ONE BLOG for my essays?!, ONE TUMBLR for my photo posts and short talks, ONE FACEBOOK, ONE TWITTER, ONE MULTIPLY?! for what? hmm and ONE FRIENDSTER?

just today

OMG! i just opened my account (FB) and TADA~~ someone wants to be my friend but then cancelled it a little while. why?? the heck. I was just shocked not to approve right away.

Today's the day, i opened my other blogs that I have years back. I will be slowwwwly organizing THEM i think TODAY if i have the time. tik toc tik! time's ticking

Sunday, November 21, 2010


hey guys!
long time no post?!
i forgot about this blog, well, now i have my other blog ---it's TUMBLR.
i'm going to post my insights here and some others on my tumblr :D

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