Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Week of Fun.

041513 Monday!
Texted Tiare and we spontaneously went on biking at Forest Lake.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

OR pips together again ♥

It was on a simple facebook status of missing each other that we finally, after 1 month, got to bond again. We met and became (super) friends last year when we were on the same hospital area at zcmc. We always have that kind of chika/session bonding after duty - am shift/pm shift/night shift - doesn't matter what shift. And our recent bonding proved that although we were not communicating everyday or not seeing each other, we still did not change for a bit, we 're still the same person we knew before and I love that! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Holy Week 

Hey! Well, it's never too late they say so let me post about my holyweek.  It was a week of fasting and realization for Catholics and we sure did spent it like we used to. Monday to Wednesday were same as usual - duty and chores but Thursday to Sunday were a bit different. Let me tell you what we/I did. 

New Hair Color 

Hola Amigas! I am up early coz I really want to blog (haha) but I really miss blogging so here's a short update. Last week, I tried to color my hair because I wanted a new look on me so my mother and I bought 2 packs of light blonde hair color. She helped me apply it on my hair and the results? let's see, shall we?
From my natural black hair color 