Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Week of Fun.

041513 Monday!
Texted Tiare and we spontaneously went on biking at Forest Lake.

Fetched Gail and we had another spontaneous turo-turo foodtrip at Boulevard.

041613 Tuesday! 
It's Maam Sheena's Birthday (pre-birthday) celebration at the OR. Thanks for the food and for the photo-op. :P
After duty, I went to Gail's place and she cooked food for us. Thanks always!

041713 Wednesday!
It was a tiring day and I went home already when Raoph texted me to go to their house for there's a small celebration so I went there. After the party, we went to Paseo to eat knickerbocker.

041913 Friday!
It's OR pips reunited again but without Tiare, we went to happy T and we had milk-teas and fries. And after, we bonded more at Caitlin's house, I love her room! (got no photo coz the battery drained)

 042013 Saturday!
Went to meet Raoph after duty; ate at Carmela's; had a short trip to Jollibee; the pharmacy and he gave me the ust keychain for pasalubong since he's studying Med there.

Whew! Full sched ah?! Chos! :P 
This is me loving trips!
-photos from my instagram-

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