Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jemar's Day.

092912 Yesterday was Jemar's birthday and she invited me to have dinner at their house so I asked others if they were invited too then I planned on just going with them. I went to Gail's place and waited with others for Rj, our handsome driver, then we traveled a long journey to their house. We ate, talked while Jemar was challenged by her other friends at the other table. Then at around 10pm we went home but went around town first before Rj takes us where we belong. LOL.
Rj dropped me, Maica and Gail where I left my safari and then we bought ice cream at Jollibee's drive-thru and went to Maica's place then to Gail's. I went home at around 11.30pm plus that time. whew! never been that late. :P

Lorenz's Surprise.

092812 weeks before this date, Charlyn, Ren's girlfriend texted us if I could be one of Ren's 21 roses then I said yes! Ren doesn't know anything about this till his big day! At 7pm the party starts when he walked in blindfolded with his mother and girlfriend and we were waiting at the door getting ready for a loud "SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY REN!!!!" and my other classmates holding a confetti tube(?) Then the party started, a party like that of a debutant. So I'm gonna share some photos.

Last photo me with the birthday boy! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012


This morning, even though it was raining hard I went to PRC to get me registered because it was my schedule already. 
I prepared all the requirements beforehand but still forgot a simple 1x1 photo with a name tag.
GOSH @@. I waited for hours for that one only. haggardness! LOOK at my photo. drenched in the rain while going to eat super late lunch at Busy Bee.
 This is what I ordered at Busy Bee: A Super warm Arroz caldo. Super yummy! And when we got home, my mother cooked merienda. Another yummy treat: CHAMPORADO. 
Really perfect for the rainy weather.
 Oh Look! my PNA card and pin! Ain't it cool?! YEAH! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

celebrating + one to my age && me being a RN.

SEPTEMBER 18 2012!!!!!
 Hi!!!!! I'm going to share some photos of my GRAND *chosss* Birthday/Thanksgiving Party. It was held at Astoria Regency Pavilion, stated in the invitation that it will start at 5pm but guests arrived very late so the party started at around 7pm. The Southcom band played wonderful and soothing songs while waiting for the guests then the emcee arrived and introduced me AND made me introduce the guests one by one. I had a really FUN night!! So let's check out some photos of the said event.
One of my favorite wacky pose!
 Posed with the TARPOULIN my Kuya Bryan made. Taped outside the venue.
 The beautiful stage without yet the band/band's instruments. Ain't RED nice?? XD
 The one who sponsored my party. My ever dearest grandmother!
It's time to blow the candle and sing a "Happy Birthday" song.
"The Three Marias"
A Father and Daughter dance.
Background song "Dance with my father" sung by my sister and Alshamir:
Showed them my talent in playing the saxophone. I played Bruno Mars' "Grenade" with the band
I also played the drums. LOL. *this is a joke*
And I also sung some songs with the band and with my classmates. *really*
The disco balls on the floor so meaning we discoed the whole night after me singing "Moves Like Jagger"
A table photo with my friends

My Honnies!! :*
 My BFF's plus Patrick
 And a solo shot of me.

Some photos grabbed from Patty's so Thank you!!!
p.s. i don't really like RED. haha! but it looked good.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Choral Competition && PapaJing (Adjing)'s Birthday!

I had two events last night. One: Joy's Choral Singing Competition && Two: Cai-Cai's father's Birthday celebration. I went to Joy's at the Pastoral to watch the show but then it was already 7pm and it didn't start yet and I got a text message that Rj and the rest are there outside waiting for me. I went out already and joined them going to Cai's house and we ate and talked and talked and talked and karaoked :D What a night! I am going to share photos but Cai didn't upload yet so I'l update this really soon after she post the photos. :)

Photos from Cai-Cai's. ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another day of Ambush.

Yesterday, I delivered the invitations to people along my way to ZCMC to get my results, so, it is really not an ambush but I did not text them, I just went to their house, knocked and gave them the invitation, so, maybe an ambush to them. HAHA!. I chatted with my good friends after giving the invitations then when I went to Jason's house, he gave me my gift, my favorite Brownies Unlimited from Manila *char* then this time I ambushed Beauty, I texted her to get ready and tada! I'm there already. She was in panic, then she accompanied me to elsewhere and last to Qharts, where she was praying, so she was in her praying outfit, ambushed then again. HAHA. That I think will be our last chikka/seeing here yesterday cause she'll go to Manila today and if she will be hired, she'll stay there forever?*I think*
Then we went to buy SLQ for our very late lunch with Gail at their bakery. Hihi. :3 We arrived there at 2pm, so most probably ate our lunch at that time. HA! She was so hungry so she ate already but ate again with us. Other CELEBS came to eat too. Rj, Ralph, Ace, and Ann Marie. We were so noisy chit-chatting at the store. Then we stayed there till 5pm. So happy yesterday, I got tired from laughing and talking. LOL.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

7days to goooo.(preview)

I am so excited!. Here is my invitation for my Birthday/Thanksgiving Party made by Miss Rhea Bue. Thanks to her for this nice invi! I love it! That photo was taken last January from our Honeyyyy's photoshoot. :D Just distributed some last Monday and still distributing it to some till now. I wanted to invite more but I can't coz we lack budget. :( I've waking up early morning and doing two things 1. my requirements for ZCMC and 2. the invitations na lang. Oh well, everything is almost set! and it's 7 days till the DAY! I feel like debuting again. Till next post. ;)