Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jemar's Day.

092912 Yesterday was Jemar's birthday and she invited me to have dinner at their house so I asked others if they were invited too then I planned on just going with them. I went to Gail's place and waited with others for Rj, our handsome driver, then we traveled a long journey to their house. We ate, talked while Jemar was challenged by her other friends at the other table. Then at around 10pm we went home but went around town first before Rj takes us where we belong. LOL.
Rj dropped me, Maica and Gail where I left my safari and then we bought ice cream at Jollibee's drive-thru and went to Maica's place then to Gail's. I went home at around 11.30pm plus that time. whew! never been that late. :P

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