Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another day of Ambush.

Yesterday, I delivered the invitations to people along my way to ZCMC to get my results, so, it is really not an ambush but I did not text them, I just went to their house, knocked and gave them the invitation, so, maybe an ambush to them. HAHA!. I chatted with my good friends after giving the invitations then when I went to Jason's house, he gave me my gift, my favorite Brownies Unlimited from Manila *char* then this time I ambushed Beauty, I texted her to get ready and tada! I'm there already. She was in panic, then she accompanied me to elsewhere and last to Qharts, where she was praying, so she was in her praying outfit, ambushed then again. HAHA. That I think will be our last chikka/seeing here yesterday cause she'll go to Manila today and if she will be hired, she'll stay there forever?*I think*
Then we went to buy SLQ for our very late lunch with Gail at their bakery. Hihi. :3 We arrived there at 2pm, so most probably ate our lunch at that time. HA! She was so hungry so she ate already but ate again with us. Other CELEBS came to eat too. Rj, Ralph, Ace, and Ann Marie. We were so noisy chit-chatting at the store. Then we stayed there till 5pm. So happy yesterday, I got tired from laughing and talking. LOL.

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