Monday, March 28, 2011

I got pierced today :D

YEY! Me and Rhea went to Unisilver to get our ears pierced. We got pierced at our left ear same site, just above our already pierced ear. haha. It was painful but worth it. It was to stay there for about 2 weeks and I want to change the earring but I can't coz it hurts thiiiiiiiiiiiiisss much. :( It's aching you know. :( But, in time, it will heal. :P I want my pierce to be on the upper where my cartilage is but they told me they don't do it, sayang! time to sleep. tomorrow's gonna be a loooong day. :*

Sunday, March 27, 2011


My Facebook Banner made by Ms. Rhea Bue. :) Liked this so much. Follow me on TWITTER :D


Guess what?? Ha! Hell Week is over but just this morning we continued with our lesson and to think, we just finished the final exams. >.< SO, I absent myself from the class the afternoon because I was like "WHAT??! DAMN! afternoon pa?" and then I wanted to go to Mercedes to see my Dad's work and to see my first inaanak. :D so, I've decided after the morning class, it ended at 1pm you that?! I'm effin' hungry. I drove my Mom's car all the way to Mercedes and tada~ cradled the 3week old baby Ella and she just slept quietly on my lap, me just caressing her. :) We, went home at around 6pm and I am invited to a birthday party BUT the the car's one window wouldn't close SO I just decided not to go. DAMN!. :( SO, Happy Happy Birthday Baby Qharts! :*

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have a new hair style. :) Long hair with full bangs!!

"What do you call a gun shot sound?"
"Now, what do you call many gun shot sound?"

HAHAHA. I just laughed so hard with his joke.