Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Always Love Biking.

Hi again! The morning was really boring but thank God for a wonderful afternoon with my family. We went to our playground once again ---THE FOREST LAKE. We brought our bikes and the rackets and our dog. All four of us went biking around the place. It was a good exercise for us; didn't have the time to do that for a long time. Whew! My heart was tachycardic after a few rounds. We played badminton and walked our dog too. Got a few photos taken by my friend Cai-Cai because we bumped into each other while ago. 

Oh shoot! Me being tomboyish at the moment. Oh and look! I've got something on my hand like a PRO! HAHA!

Look at Cai's bike! It's too small for her. HAHA! She doesn't know how to ride a bike and she just used it to take a pose. Glad to have a little exercise! HAHA! Ciao!

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It's a Student Nurse Thing.

Hello Sunday! Finally a rest day.
Got busy with school and PRC requirements so got no time to blog but HEY! I'm blogging about it right now. HA! With the help of my captured photos let's start with the story. HAHA! 
I'm WARNING you all of me posting HEAVY IMAGES. ;)

02-22-12 The night before our signing of these papers I had it prepared so I won't forget one single thing. HA! But I did forget to bring my DOS form so I had to go to school again the next day. Moving on.

Hello to my post-it on my index stating that I did not printed yet my lacking PRCs.  

 And say Hi to my unsigned Calendar of Duties and Cases. Boohoo! 

02-23-12 Look at my classmates being resourceful with the cases and the thing we like - CRAMMING!

After half accomplishing our requirements, Chelsea, Rhea and I decided to eat already because we were so hungry. We ate at KFC and got ourselves a refreshing KRUSHERS. 

Got home with aching feet and found these food served on the table. YUMMY! This is reward!

Another night before the day reminder from my planner. We did not finish letting our papers sign so we had to go to school the next day again.

02-24-12 I already prepared my form and I passed it already. Good! I just closed and completed my cases that day. YEAH! 

Lunch time again! We ate at Greenwich and ordered the Barkada Treat. A pizza, pasta and a crispy chicken with rice and our nestea. FULL!

Look! Because of hunger, my fork was broken a little. HA!

Hi Chelsea! our driver for the day. We went hospital hopping. Thanks for the ride!

And look at what we found. A portable Touch screen TV in her car. Rhea is so curious at the picture. HAHA! For that 2 whole days of signing at least we accomplished something, A LOT! Whew! 
Sorry for boring you. And now FINALS is up. Tahta! Study mode again. CHOS! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Happy Heart's Day! *yesterday*  :-* kiss Well, it's not too late right?! :D big grin Imma share you what happened alright? :) happy
Hey! Got my cute little bouquet of chocolates from my classmate. ;) winking Thanks! 

Anyways, Hail! Oh! Hail! Our classroom was full of hearts and red balloons that day because we got some reporting from our future PCI (practicing clinical instructors) and they did that for plus points and so we made the wall of hearts our background for our pictorial. ;) winking

We also surprised our birthday celebrators that day. 
(L-R: Joshua, Joven, Ace and Raisa)

After our last class, one classmate made a surprise for his girlfriend and made our boys marched in each with a rose under their teeth. Hola! :> smug Sweet eh? He made a speech too. 

And then we girls thought that's the end of the class but not yet 8-| rolling eyes our dear classmate David made a video presentation for us. We were :-O surprise surprised and we all laughed and teased each other because of the pictures.=)) rolling on the floor 

Can't post the video but here's the first part snap.

And lastly, I had dinner with my family except for my father but we invited my Aunt and her children. We ate at Mang Paeng's Inasal and was serenaded with two lovely ladies. :D big grin

AGAIN! :x lovestruck 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Music Video | Bipolar I

Hey! How ya doin'?! :-? thinking Hmmm. Well, me? :P tongue I'm busy watching movies. :D big grin So, here's what I promised (if you've read my sneak peek post) the music video me and my classmates did for our group presentation for our psychopathology class. :"> blushing 

So? #:-S whew!Hope we got a high grade. :)) laughing 
Most of the groups also did their videos and I also love those. >:D< big hug  
GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE! :) happy I'm off to watching another movie. Ciao! :-h wave