Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's 2012

Happy Heart's Day! *yesterday*  :-* kiss Well, it's not too late right?! :D big grin Imma share you what happened alright? :) happy
Hey! Got my cute little bouquet of chocolates from my classmate. ;) winking Thanks! 

Anyways, Hail! Oh! Hail! Our classroom was full of hearts and red balloons that day because we got some reporting from our future PCI (practicing clinical instructors) and they did that for plus points and so we made the wall of hearts our background for our pictorial. ;) winking

We also surprised our birthday celebrators that day. 
(L-R: Joshua, Joven, Ace and Raisa)

After our last class, one classmate made a surprise for his girlfriend and made our boys marched in each with a rose under their teeth. Hola! :> smug Sweet eh? He made a speech too. 

And then we girls thought that's the end of the class but not yet 8-| rolling eyes our dear classmate David made a video presentation for us. We were :-O surprise surprised and we all laughed and teased each other because of the pictures.=)) rolling on the floor 

Can't post the video but here's the first part snap.

And lastly, I had dinner with my family except for my father but we invited my Aunt and her children. We ate at Mang Paeng's Inasal and was serenaded with two lovely ladies. :D big grin

AGAIN! :x lovestruck 

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