Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Always Love Biking.

Hi again! The morning was really boring but thank God for a wonderful afternoon with my family. We went to our playground once again ---THE FOREST LAKE. We brought our bikes and the rackets and our dog. All four of us went biking around the place. It was a good exercise for us; didn't have the time to do that for a long time. Whew! My heart was tachycardic after a few rounds. We played badminton and walked our dog too. Got a few photos taken by my friend Cai-Cai because we bumped into each other while ago. 

Oh shoot! Me being tomboyish at the moment. Oh and look! I've got something on my hand like a PRO! HAHA!

Look at Cai's bike! It's too small for her. HAHA! She doesn't know how to ride a bike and she just used it to take a pose. Glad to have a little exercise! HAHA! Ciao!

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