Sunday, March 27, 2011


Guess what?? Ha! Hell Week is over but just this morning we continued with our lesson and to think, we just finished the final exams. >.< SO, I absent myself from the class the afternoon because I was like "WHAT??! DAMN! afternoon pa?" and then I wanted to go to Mercedes to see my Dad's work and to see my first inaanak. :D so, I've decided after the morning class, it ended at 1pm you that?! I'm effin' hungry. I drove my Mom's car all the way to Mercedes and tada~ cradled the 3week old baby Ella and she just slept quietly on my lap, me just caressing her. :) We, went home at around 6pm and I am invited to a birthday party BUT the the car's one window wouldn't close SO I just decided not to go. DAMN!. :( SO, Happy Happy Birthday Baby Qharts! :*

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