Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Tambay.

I went early morning to ZCMC to pay for their seminar then went to Gail's and waited for Cai. We drove to Rj's and there I slept again, they played guitar and watched something in the computer. In the afternoon, around 1pm we went to school to get Rj's diploma/TOR but then he can't get it yet so then we went to Early Bird and ate shawarma for late lunch--that was around 2pm. :) Rj drive-thrued Jolliibee and bought fries.
Look what he is wearing! We went to school and he was wearing that uniform that's why the registrar won't believe he was that person wanting to get his diploma. LOL

Playing with clothes!
Off now!

Ace eating Cai's Mango Float

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