Thursday, September 20, 2012

celebrating + one to my age && me being a RN.

SEPTEMBER 18 2012!!!!!
 Hi!!!!! I'm going to share some photos of my GRAND *chosss* Birthday/Thanksgiving Party. It was held at Astoria Regency Pavilion, stated in the invitation that it will start at 5pm but guests arrived very late so the party started at around 7pm. The Southcom band played wonderful and soothing songs while waiting for the guests then the emcee arrived and introduced me AND made me introduce the guests one by one. I had a really FUN night!! So let's check out some photos of the said event.
One of my favorite wacky pose!
 Posed with the TARPOULIN my Kuya Bryan made. Taped outside the venue.
 The beautiful stage without yet the band/band's instruments. Ain't RED nice?? XD
 The one who sponsored my party. My ever dearest grandmother!
It's time to blow the candle and sing a "Happy Birthday" song.
"The Three Marias"
A Father and Daughter dance.
Background song "Dance with my father" sung by my sister and Alshamir:
Showed them my talent in playing the saxophone. I played Bruno Mars' "Grenade" with the band
I also played the drums. LOL. *this is a joke*
And I also sung some songs with the band and with my classmates. *really*
The disco balls on the floor so meaning we discoed the whole night after me singing "Moves Like Jagger"
A table photo with my friends

My Honnies!! :*
 My BFF's plus Patrick
 And a solo shot of me.

Some photos grabbed from Patty's so Thank you!!!
p.s. i don't really like RED. haha! but it looked good.

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