Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tiring but Fun Thursday.

 This morning, we happen to pass by our school and look what we found! Our tarpaulin! The design was good but we can't see our faces from the other street because it was so small maybe because we were so many.
 I went to Mcdo and found Qharts waiting for us. She treated us lunch. So full! Thanks Qharts! mwa :*
 After going to the PRC office, we went to Qharts' house and had our mini picnic in her room. We talked and talked and talked and talked about stuffs then at 5pm we went home already because I had to pick-up my sisters at school.
P.S. Thanks again baby Qharts for the Starbucks Eco Cup! <3 p="p">
Today was a tiring day. Whew! But I had fun with my friends (Qharts, Beauty and Ann). Till next time!

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