Wednesday, December 15, 2010

window shopping with patricia

This day is our last day of class for the year 2010. After our 2nd period class,I ate lunch alone at the kiosk, went to the ladies lounge and slept there but still hearing horrible singing voice of a, I think a second year student, so I think I am just closing my eyes. At around 1pm, I woke up and suddenly called a name and that person is not who I thought she is. Ouch! so shameful. After that I went to my room and get ready for philo but then we don't have class luckily I saw Rhea and Patty. Rhea went with Almira and I and Patty went together. First, Patty and I sat on the stoned bench at the front of the zoolab then awhile later, we decided to go to Mindpro to freshen up plus look for gifts for our manito/manita. We toured the whole place and then went back to school at around 3pm waiting for the next class which is histo. We sat again on the stairs at the LRC building then after awhile went to the backfield when we saw there our classmates we stopped by. They saw me and asked for my camera, we took pictures and posed. They played softball and we just watched. It is nice to have good and funny friends, they make me laugh and smile always. :)

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