Sunday, December 12, 2010

LAST duty for the YEAR 2010 :)

Yesterday was my last duty for the year 2010 and it was great.
I alarmed my cp at 4am that morning but then I said it's early so I turned off the alarm and forgot to wake up at 5am but luckily my mother woke me up. Thanks MOM, you're the best. Next thing, I dressed up and it's 6:30am plus on my watch and I haven't finished, inside I am panicking but I don't want to show that I AM. There's no traffic and all that's why I arrived at the hospital at exactly 7am. Thank GOD. :)

I used my apron and put on my cap and then signed in. We are not going to chart but just do the vital signs taking in the ward. My patient is Ana Rose, she was admitted because she was driving drunk and bumped into a post; she has a skeletal traction on her right femur and a missing nail on her right 5th digit hand. That day, the nurse there told her that they need to change the dressing because it was wet but the patient don't like after that when the nurse was gone, I asked my patient again and she said "only if I would to it". I was happy! :) I told this to my C.I. and my C.I told the nurse that my patient is now agreeing to change the dressing of her wound only if I would it (special request huh) then my C.I. told me to ask one from my dutymates for help. I changed the dressing and I was very careful not to let my patient feel pain; and I am sweating; I can feel my feet need to rest now. I succeeded. Yey!

My dutymates ordered shawarma. We ate it in our conference room after we ate our lunch. YUMMY! Then after lunch, we took the promised exam, and I have no answer for the solving part because I forgot how the formula is. :(

Duty part is over, the 4 of my dutymates and I had a rode trip to PASEO and to PASONANCA BUTTERFLY GARDEN. It was fun! That's all. :)

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