Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Session with C!

Our midterm exams and grades were finally out! Whew! Thank God we passed and and we were happy to get GOOD grades from our 2 of our major subjects this day ---NEL and Clinical Teaching. After our last class I got invited to go to our classmate's dorm so at around 3.00pm we went there and had our *drinking* session ;). They sponsored Tanduay Ice and Mang Juans && brought a portable karaoke set.

So for this mini-celebration or because we were just bored and have nothing to do after class or because someone just wanted to drink I have captured some photos awhile ago with my celly and here they are:

Watching WIPEOUT! the right side pips.

the left side pips! ;)

Mr. Junpyo serving the drinks.

Gail and I sitting at the back had our pose. 

So that's it for a wild afternoon for us and an even wilder for the ones who stayed late I think coz some of us left early after having a couple of drinks. It's so early to celebrate but we were just so happy with the results or maybe I'm the one who's happy! HAHA. XD Ciao! Till next!

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