Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello first day of 2012

Hello January 1st of 2012! ☺
This is just a short post. So, how was your day? Mine was the usual waking up late in the morning, reading something before eating breakfast/lunch then do something productive. 

Hello! My January 1st look. :)) 
Perfected in using that liquid eyeliner there. 

Used the shoes Chelsea gave me this last Christmas for the first time and the crop top I bought at the thrift shop. The second picture was when we were going home after the heavy rain, I used cellophane while walking back to our car because the place was not cemented yet. XD

And so as my sisters. 
What a day to start my year eh?! 
BIG SMILE! That was FUN yeah?!
p.s. edited the pictures :D

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