Thursday, December 1, 2011

a day to bother (-.o)

answer key for part II hihihi XD

I planned a review today but felt like it just didn't worked well. First of all, I woke up at past 8am today and i was supposedly review at 8 so that all nutrients will merge well in my brain. Then, my mother and sisters suddenly agreed to go with me so I waited for them to finish dressing up, plus waited for the rain to settle. I dropped them off to school where the Atfest is waiting for me but sadly I can't right now but just so you know I stood for minutes watching how the nursing frisbee game do their game ;). I then realized my time is running so I went on with my plan and arrived at Rikka's place at around past 10am already and she was waiting outside their gate. The first few hours went well, I answered questions and read my mistakes all over again yet there are still contributing factors why I am distracted: the food, their puppy, her movements, the room temperature and the chit-chatting. :( Alas! t'was 6pm and I didn't finished answering the part II reviewer and I had to go already. This is so frustrating, got a text message from Sharifa of her going back to Manila tomorrow and was inviting for a last day get-together but I can't go because I was prioritizing this exam. whew! I hope I pass. Wish me LUCK. XD 

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