Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Night with CELEBRITIES : crossing OUT 1 wish!

Our class Xmas party is over! I sooo love our party especially when Rhea, Patty and I entered the venue it was like we were stars and paparazzi s were taking pictures of us. 

I was shocked when I saw sooo many DSLRs I was so jealous. HAHA. 

 Look oh! T___T I want one! XD

Used one DSLR awhile ago 
*credits to Cairylle for this photo*

I'm going to cross-out dart pins from my wishlist because Ann Salazar fulfilled it.

Plus she added this. SHADES again! XD

She told me she'll make me a xmas letter. Okay! I'll wait. HAHA>:))

I'll update/blog later about our party when all photos are uploaded. I'll just grab photos from my classmates because ya-know my digicam was shy awhile ago. XD

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