Monday, December 19, 2011

Graduation Pictorial

Heyah! Just finished with our shoot this morning and it's satisfying somehow. We did 8 poses for each 3 attires and it's so tiring to change and do retouches and change the hair-do. We only had one dressing room for boys and girls and it's kinda awkward but I survived. Hayz I don't know if the pictures I chose were good already because I don't know how to smile infront of a stranger (photographer) but I enjoyed posing for candid shots with my classmates. Here's some of it. Grabbed the photos from Cairylle, Rhea and Chelsea's Albums.

Fat Belly T___T >:))))) 
I'll try to lose weight. :PP

Caught Off Guard. >:))

Give me some boobsy. >:))

Sexy Pose :P

Smile ;)

Tired but still posing for the camera :)

Mah Honnies ♥

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