Saturday, December 10, 2011


"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it" -John Maxwell

Yeah right! Today was a lazy day for me, my supposed to be 7am duty at the City Health Office aka CHO turned into a 4pm duty at PASEO so I just slept the whole day and that was great. Agree?! Haha. It was 3.30pm already and I went to school for the checking of attendance but the clinical instructors weren't  there yet so we waited till the bus was there. I brought my service aka safari so I just catch up with them to Paseo that was around 5pm, mind you I stayed there still for 5-10 minutes because my classmate texted me that one of my classmate was not with them in the bus but she was there already. What a bummer! 

my safari XD
At Paseo, me and my dutymates stayed there for an hour for nothing, we just wasted our money with buying a Knickerbocker XD naa it was delicious so never mind the wasting. Haha.

hmmm yummy!
Me and Kim
Kimac and Maico
Raoph and Maico
Attendance li! XD
After the checking of attendance at Paseo, I have no place to go and I don't like to stay long at Paseo so I decided to drive anywhere my driving takes me. Jm accompanied me till ZCMC (Zamboanga City Medical Center) and I was alone. Driving wherever, at my front was Raoph's Fortuner (Dzah). I am a reckless driver so  I drove near him, at his side, pass him and overtook him, in return he horned me endlessly. It was so irritating so I turned to a corner to Tetuan. I was planning to go to Tetuan but on a familiar road but then that sound is irritating so I just turned there. I should have stayed with my plan because I lost my way at Tetuan; I turned in to corners that I thought was the place until I reached Tugbungan. Hell Yeah! Tugbungan! Whew! Finally, I found my way so I just decided to go home since I can't find where ICAS alumni homecoming's venue is.

On my way home, I passed at an on-going half road construction and I was in a dilemma. There was a wide construction truck just beside me and the road was not helpful, I drove past it with my right tires above a hill-like-made-from-mud. I feel like I'm going to turn over to the left side and crash the other cars. Thank God it did not happen. Expert driver. Thanks to my 4X4 safari too. Haha.

I arrived home exhausted from my not-so-fun trip and just my luck, there's no one home and I did not have the keys to our house. Thanks to my bright mind.  Whew! I managed to get in using a stick. My hands and arms were tired and I was perspiring using that magical tool. I should have said "Open Sesame!" LOL. Haha. 

My magical stick! XD
I was alone at home for a moment. My sister arrived from their caroling and so as my parents bringing me a take out from Greenwich and Jollibee. 

Strawberrrrrrry sundaessss and frieeeesss! ☺

See! Life isn't that cruel you know. It's because I did not lose hope in finding my way back home and faith in opening that locked door. In the end I was rewarded with LOVE ♥ Nyahaha. >:))))

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