Thursday, December 8, 2011

my inaanaks ☺

Hey! 17 days to go and it's Christmas time again. This Christmas I won't only be giving gifts to my manito/manita, or to my friends and family but now also to my inaanaks (yeah inaanaks because I have two already for the first time). Baby Ella and Baby Kian were both born this year and were both baptized at the same date and church (how convenient to me). This will be my first time so I wonder what to give these cute little babies. Mind to suggest? XD



P.S Got an early Christmas present from Rhea Bue  ( ) 
A new domain thanks to her. Weee. Love lots Bebe! :*

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BEBE said...

Baby KIANNNN!! :D so cute! :) ako 3 na inaanak ko. eeek :)) 2 more to go XD