Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grandma's Simple Bday Celebration

Yesterday was my Gradma's birthday party. It's just a small salu-salo with closest family, closest mean just in the neighborhood because we live next to each other. It's just simple, we sung a Happy Birthday song led by my sister playing the flute then we ate together and then me and my sisters performed for her. E-he! Yeah! I'm a singer! joke! :) After our performance, our grandma gave us money $$$$. :P Thank you Lola!

Looks like it's my bday because I'm wearing red. :)

Our Lola Pauli

My sister Joy playing a Happy Birthday song via flute

Lola Pauli blowing her candles!

My cousin Gerard led us in praying the prayer before meals

And here we are singing for our dear Lola

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