Friday, December 30, 2011

beach xmas party

Yesterday, me and my family went to a beach Christmas party at Golf Beach. My father is an Engineer and his boss Engr. Richard invited us. This party is for his workers, the trabahadors as I call them, carpenters, laborers etc. This was a fun-filled party with games for them. Christmas bonuses were given too.
Me and my sisters performed before I left for ZC bloggers meet up and Sir Richard gave us money $$$$.

Here are some photos:

These are the men working for my dad. 
We are to ride with them but it's so FULL so I brought my own safari.

Arrived there ad found this pabitin
I want to join but i'm an adult adolescence already, POOR kids if I joined. HAHA.

Karaoke-d while waiting for the program to start.

Found this also. Teehee.

Here they played TUG-OF-WAR. Look how strong they are! 
VERY DANGEROUS GAME! They don't feel the pain but I felt it even though I didn't play.

They also played WATER-RELAY. Funny coz they used their hands transferring the sea water to other players in the team (they are 5 in a team) into the container then they will change position and do the same. They only got to fill 1/8 of the container. >:))

Then here we are performing for them. 
We played Christmas Carols then I'm out, I went to meet ZC Bloggers.

Took a picture near the sea.

Wonderful view isn't it! I wanna go back to the beach and this time longer stay. I LOVE BEACHES!

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