Monday, December 26, 2011

JOYRIDE on the 25th of DECEMBER

Yesterday I have no plans :-&lt sighin going out but I was really bored at home :-&lt sighuntil *UNTIL* ;;) batting eyelashes my mom asked me what time will I go to Patty's then*lightbulb above my head* I said NOW ;) winking. I hurriedly messaged Patty and Beauty and tada~ got my keys and drove to them. Got to Beauty first and because Patty wasn't home yet, we went to Raoph's place. We waited :-w waitingand waited :-w waitingand waited :-w waitingAND finally he woke up. HAHA. The look on his face! :D big grin And we waited again then we're off to disturb others. 

First off! To Putik but then Rush wasn't really telling us the truth to where he is so we went to Lunzuran to Krista's and we're so unlucky she isn't home %||:-{ unlucky Continued with our journey, we passed by Tumaga to gas up then off to Gail's even though she isn't replying to our texts.'@-@ search me Along the road we saw Ma'am Inzo so I invited her to come with us and then we just dropped her off to Mindpro. T'was 6pm then and we're hungry so we went straight ahead to Paseo. Raoph treated us dinner! ^O^||3 eatHe was so kind! Thank you! >:D< big hug

Now we're recharged! :D big grin Kick off the accelerator and passed by Fort Pillar to Rio Hondo and turned back. To Pasonanca it is! while we're on the road it started to rain and my safari's THE BEST! *sarcastic* but we're so lucky it stopped.~^o^~ cheer Thinking where to go we decided to go to Maica's place and tada~ she was so surprised and don't know what to do. We stayed there for a bit, chitchatting. 

Tambay mode at Maica's

It was 9pm already and so we went to Patty's and decided that I'll just get my gift from her. We're there and she gave us ice cream,^O^||3 eat had a picture with her baby and gave me my gift.&[] gift Thanks Pat!

Patty's Gift <3

Us with Baby Kian

was going to drive them home because my mom texted me already but Raoph got a text message that Ate Raisa was home already so we went there. Arrived at Ate Raisa's she offered food and we stayed there a bit and ate what was served^O^||3 eat. FULL! It was almost 10pm and so I drove them home first to Raoph's then to Beauty's.#:-S whew!

Meanwhile I was driving alone on a 5th-gear going home when I saw a motor accident that night. :-S worriedThere were 3 motorcycles, 2 males were on the road lying. They occupied the whole road that night. Whew! #:-S whew!I wanted to take pictures but t'was not a very good idea so I just passed by slowly then accelerated again so I can go home fast. #:-S whew!

That joyride was my first but I had FUN! Hope to do it again! ;) winking
So how was YOUR Christmas day? :D big grin
p.s. got few pics. sorry.

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