Wednesday, December 7, 2011

an old piece of paper

"I like keeping things like this because it brings back old memories."

My room is a MESS that day that I can't even go in and have my rest so I decided to clean and organize my things. I finished cleaning my room and then continued with the organizing of my scattered papers mostly handouts of yesteryear's XD.While I was organizing them by subject and etc., I found a piece of intermediate paper. An intermediate paper full of writings from my high school classmates describing me. I kind of smiled and disagreed to myself about the things they wrote about me while I was reading this. I then started reminiscing about my high school days and remembered how I was then. I don't know if I am the same old me or did I change to a new me. Well, I'm happy that they see me as a good person so thank you for writing those kind words and I hope that my college classmates and friends see me also in that way or way better than those written. 

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