Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Celebration of LOVE and FATE ♥

What a hectic Saturday?! I was in no mood to go to duty coz it's our last day but because of dawn callers I woke up early. tsk. Call time was 7.30am but they all arrived at 8.00am, bummer! We had a quiz about photo-therapy and hormonal therapy, I pass! whew! >:))) Anyways, after that I went to Mindpro and bought gifts for my inaanaks. Yey! 2 down and now I only have to buy gifts for my friends. weeee. :) Merry Xmas! At 1.00pm we have OR orientation at ZCMC so we went there and changed into our scrubbed suits only to find out that we ain't going to orient because the OR's toxic so we went to school and waited for nothing. Well, that's just half of it, at 5.30pm we went to LUI and MAUI's FATE and LOVE celebration. 

So, here's what it was. MAUI, cousin of my cousin got married civil yesterday and their reception is today. Well, it just ended. I call her Ate Inday. I grew up calling her that and I don't know why. She and her boyfriend are long been friends that became lovers and now became his husband. Maui as described by their friend is tall, beautiful and fragile woman and the man, Lui, was described as tall dark and handsome. Perfect combination eh? Yeah. And I think they got married civil because the woman is a Protestant and you know religions and cultures. Anyways, here are some of my snapshots from awhile ago. By the way, their theme is Black and White. XD

The venue is at the Gazebo, Astoria Regency

Their cakes, the champagne, and giveaways. 

Their photos. ( I ♥ this )

Memorabilia table. ;)

Their Guest book, front cover.

The back of their Guest book.

Slicing and Eating of the Cake.

Drinking of Champagne.


Friendship is a good foundation to a Great relationship.
Congratulations and Best Wishes! 

*sorry for some low quality photos, I zoomed in* LOLs :P

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