Sunday, December 4, 2011

my xmas wishlist :P

ooohhhyeaaah. I love Christmas parties and the traditional exchanging of gifts. I love Christmas BREAKS and who else wouldn't want to receive gifts?! XD.

Well, I'm not that materialistic so here's a few I wish I could have this Christmas ☺

1. DSLR camera.

2. Christmas Cards from friends or classmates with their messages (essays please) for me on it. I would love to read messages from the ♥.

3. Dart Pins-coz we have the dart board and our dart pins were all gone/misplaced :D

4. Make-up brushes. Coz I'm girly too. :P

And Lastly, 5. CHRISTMAS VACATION with FAMILY to a place where it's full of adventures. :D I LOVE ADVENTURE.

Yeah that's probably what I wish for this Christmas.

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