Monday, August 13, 2012

Done in Nine Hours.

Today was a long day for me as usual. Woke up at 9am and was excited to watch Bourne Legacy with my friends at noon but was postponed because my Mom asked me to accompany her to buy the groceries for an occasion. That was tiring so Mom bought me snacks after.

Mom ate Siomai and I ate Fried Siopao from Family Fried Chicken's stall at Mindpro. Yumm!

 From the grocery, I sneaked this in the cart. Didn't taste it yet maybe tomorrow. :P tongue


We went home at 6pm and then I went to work here and at Sta. Maria. After that, I promised Patty I'll go to their house so I went there after. And I played with Kian.

 Oh-oh. We were supposed to pose same. HAHA.
 And here! Peace yow! B-) cool Cool isn't he? :D big grin
 And look what I learned. Kian ahh. shhh. :-$ don't tell anyone shh!

 And then finally, I received Kian's birthday invitation. You know what? I bought Kian's gift already weeks before. :P tongue
That's it for tonight.

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