Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Friday Night.

Last Friday, I went to meet Ren2, Cai2, Rj and Ace at Witchcraft and instead of going there at 1pm, I arrived at around 3-4pm. =P

*all photos are from Cai2 Adjing and some were edited by me*

Their orders while waiting.

Me and Cai2 went to Kian's First Birthday Celebration at Regency's Pavilion after.

 Superman themed.
 Ate chocolate coated marshmallows and wafers while waiting for the program to start.
 I carried Patty's superman for awhile and look he doesn't recognize me that's why he's like wanting to cry.
And because we were early, we had a chance to have a group pic before we go to our next destination.
My One Friday Night Collage with them.

Cai2 and I picked up Maica, Ace and Rj and we went to Fort Pillar to pray then waited for Rhea and Chelsea there then we went to Boulevard to relax. Chit-chatting under the great moonlight. Great thanks to the beautiful weather before we went home. I arrived home at 10plus in the evening tired but happy.
I had FUN with you guys! When will be the next?

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Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

yey!!! so happy nakasama ko kayo ulit! <3 see you sa Thursday! :)