Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Header. Fiesta San Roque. Overnight.

Did you see my new header? I did that. Yeah!
 I used an online logo maker and an online photo editor ( to make this because I don't know how to use complicated Photoshops.

Fiesta San Roque.
Last August 16 was our barangay's fiesta so my Mom cooked dinner and we invited guests. Lemme share the photos of what she cooked.
My guests!

And the food the next day (breakfast) for me and my best friend Ezra. .


 Ezra and I after all the guests went home we karaoke-ed, watched Korean movies till 5am. O.o. whoa! We ate breakfast at around 10am already. And then talked and talked after. Bitin because I must get ready to go to my friends at Witchcraft and Patty's baby Kian's birthday celebration.

Got myself cut while walking around the house that day and I don't know where I got this. 

I had FUN that day.

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