Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lolo's Death Anniversary + Results OUT!

 That day (August 23, 2012) was my grandfather's death anniversary so my mother prepared dishes.
 After eating lunch at home, I received texts that results are coming out already that time. So I texted people to check on my name if I pass.
The first text I received about us passing the board. YEAH! I cried and so as my mother. I also shouted and screamed then I realized "Is this true?" so I ask again. THEN....

We can't open our net that time too so I can't really confirm it but then people kept on texting their congratulatory messages. :D

Then, we headed to Forest Lake and had a mini meal. I prayed and thanked my lolo.
 We also went to Fort Pilar and prayed for me passing the NURSING BOARD EXAMS.
 Still, there's no NET so I asked for a prepaid stick TATOO but not my lucky day on seeing my name on screen. BUT, still happy I passed I just can't sleep that day.
 The next day August 24, 2012, I woke up early and made myself a RN capuccino.
 Today, August 25, 2012, at last! there's NET already. Mom cooked this Korean spicy taste chicken for breakfast.
 An my father bought the newspaper where our names are printed already.
And finally, I saw my name and my rating.

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