Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Whatever.

Today was operation REGISTRATION day for new nurses. Planned to meet at Cairylle's place, 9am but you know Filipinos (not on time); 11am we were ready. We headed to PRC's place and inquired but then we still cannot register so we went to school to get our nameplates. 
Hungry, we went to eat satti at Jimmy's then rain poured down and flooded the streets. 
TADA~~ after that problem they fetched Ryan at Tetuan and headed to our house again for a part II karaoke/watch movie/eat.Popcorn, pancakes and dinner ---my mother's treat. (too lazy to add captions---i like the stolen shots they all have funny stories)
Last two photos are themed "ADAM's FAMILY" because we weren't smiling infront of the camera. lol.

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