Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Madness!

Yesterday was National Heroes' Day (August 27, 2012) and our Thanksgiving Mass is scheduled plus a get together dinner with CELEBRITIES' . At 10 am, me and my colleagues (fellow RN's already) went to attend Mass at the Sacred heart Church at ADZU. Clinical Instructors, my friend's parents and my classmates congratulated me for passing the board. WE THANK GOD for it!

After the Mass, I decided to go with my classmates *oooops* colleagues. We went to Fort Pillar at 12noon. It was so hot but it was a worth-it sacrifice *chars*. 

We went to fetch Matthew at Tumaga after another prayer of thanks to the Lord; bought food for lunch then went to Cairylle's place.

At 5pm we went to Palmeras but then all tables were reserved and the Eureka place is closed on a Monday, so we decided to have the dinner at Gerry's Grill.
Full! We went out -- JOYRIDE -- tambay at the Boulevard (of broken dreams) *chos* and to Kape Zambo na Paseo.
It was already past 10pm so we joyride-d  with them going home. ????. Some of my colleagues stayed at our house. We karaoke-ed, danced and ate popcorn while watching "The Dictator" till the wee hours. We slept at around 3am and woke up at 8 am; they had their breakfast here; was interviewed by my parents then they went home without taking a bath. 
*credits to Cairylle for the other photos*

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