Saturday, July 28, 2012

korean dramas.

Wazzup? :-h wave Lately, I've been addicted to watching Korean dramas while waiting for the board exam results. Watching dramas became my hobby nowadays and it makes me forget about the results. Now, I am going to share some dramas I've watched so far. 

A Gentleman's Dignity
 This is a comedy, romance drama that was suggested by my good friend Ezra. This is a story of 4 men (who are best of friends) and their loves. They are in their 40's but still acts like a kid in this drama. They are helping each other in every way they can to make each others' lives worth living. I love the beginning parts of every episode because it shows the funny parts of their life when they were still teens and adolescents. I finished the 18 episodes already and am still waiting for the last two episodes to be released online.


Lie to Me
I watched this comedy, romance drama on the first week of July. The story revolves around two people who lied about having been married to each other to get something from it like for the woman so that her friends won't tease her for being a spinster that eventually made them fall for each other.

Operation Proposal

 Operation Proposal, a fantasy, comedy, romance drama that was also suggested by my friend. A time traveling story of the baseball player guy who failed to express his love to his best friend that is now getting married to another guy. After the wedding, and after reading the love letter his love wrote for him when still in middle school? I think, he cried heavily because he regretted that he did not have the courage to confess his love then a time conductor appeared and turned his life on a roller coaster.


Rooftop Prince
 Also suggested by my friend, Ezra; also a fantasy, comedy, romance drama. A story of a crown prince that hires 3 men to solve the mystery of the crown princess' death that were transported to 300 years later to the rooftop place of a woman then all the funny parts and the romance started there. I laughed hard because the crown prince and his men were from the Joseon Era and are very ignorant of the modern world; there was a time when they sliced the TV and the teddy bear and things like that.

The King 2 Hearts
 I watched this because I love Lee Seunggi. Lee Seunggi also starred in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so I was curious how he acts in this drama; thus, the woman starred in Secret Garden. This is a story of a prince who doesn't want to be a king but then one day his brother, a king, was murdered so he was forced to be one. It is also about the union/marriage of the North and South Korea for the betterment of their country. It has a mixture of comedy, romance, politics, war-like torturing kind of drama.

Twelve Men in a Year
A cute, sexy, comedic, romance drama about a writer of a magazine that wrote an article about her experience of her break up and used a zodiac sign to name the guy. She wrote it because she will be fired from the job and that she is not in his right mind because while writing it, she was drunk. But, then, that made her go through other men to continue on writing experienced-based articles every month and to find the right guy for her.

Queen Inhyun's Man
Queen Inhyun's Man is suggested by again my friend, Ezra, a fantasy, comedy, romance drama. Like the Rooftop prince's plot, it started in Joseon Era and the guy every time his life is in danger he is being transported to 300 years later, the year 2012, He is helped by a woman who here in this drama is very cute, sweet and pretty that they fall in love with each other. But, not like the rooftop prince, the man here even though ignorant, he is very knowledgeable and calm in handling things.

And this is next in my list.
 Time Slip Dr. Jin

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