Tuesday, July 3, 2012

review days.

Board Exam just finished #:-S whew!and so I'm back but I'll just post photos from our review days. What we did during those months of resting from blogging :D big grin And I'll miss these people who became nerds with me :-B nerdjust to TOP and PASS the board. :) happy 
Capturing lectures :-$ don't tell anyone shh! 

Going home late.
?@_@? studying studying days at the library.

Snacks from Chelsea while listening to lectures^O^||3 eat

Of course snacks are different :)) laughing so we had other means of eating out. ^O^||3 eatThat's why after review we look like we're always FULL.:P tongue

And of course, we didn't FAIL having FUN while reviewing. :D big grin 
We're still COOL.B-) cool

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