Thursday, July 26, 2012

A FUN day!

Hey guys! I'm back! L-) loser It's been a month now since we finished our BOARD EXAM and now just a month left waiting for THE RESULTS :-w waiting. After the exam, I just stayed at home and watched some korean drama series online and did some tutoring to earn some money while waiting. :P tongue I'll make a review about the korean dramas I've watched if I feel bored. :D big grin But, today I'm blogging about yesterday's event, we ate at Greenfield Mano-mano that was Jason's Bday treat to us and FUN with friends followed. :x lovestruck Here are some pictures.

The celebrator at my side and the rest of us being treated lunch :D big grin there's another photo with food and the balloons we gave to Jason but photos were still not posted. :( sad I'll just edit after :P tongue.

After lunch Rhea, Keith and I decided to watch Vilma Santos' movie entitled THE HEALING :->~~ spooky

And then we went to our school and played with the letters and the numbers.>:) devilB-) cool

That's all for today. I edited the photos already so you can't see the bloopers on some letters we posed with :D big grin

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