Friday, January 4, 2013

The start of Good Vibes.

The fun ever stops and will continue till 2013.

Out at the 2nd day of January to play Bowling. It was a hot afternoon when our boarders invited us to join them at Tebi and Sean's Bowling Center. It was FREE! so me and my sister joined them.
They went to eat at Chowking and they just bought for me because I was left behind, (I brought my own car and had to buy something for my friend) Arrived there right on time for the game, they let me eat first.
Got some photos of us playing bowling. It was so tiring plus my muscles ache after but I had so much fun.

Also, had my first duty (11-7 shift) at the 2nd day of January.
We visited a friend at Ward 5 because of a January 1 incident at OR.
We brought snacks for duty from New Year's Eve.
And the last photo, how we were at OR. That's how we sleep if there's no operation. After that pose, a phone call woke us up and got no sleep at all, we assisted an E/L. Happy at the 2nd day of January so how's yours?

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