Saturday, January 5, 2013

Breakfast at Busy Bee's.

( Breakfast at Tiffany's lol )

Busy Bee's best-taste ARROZ CALDO <3 br="br">
  Messin' up with Sir Gelo's weight making the motor's tire almost flat. lol

Meet Jed
Marlwan and Lynette

Got no sleep last night plus ended the shift with a toxic operation. It wasn't really toxic it's just that, it becomes toxic because surgeons are asking too much of this and that and only one circulates and others have another operation at another theater. But what I like is that after the operation all is well again. So how about trip to Busy Bee after a graveyard shift? Nothing beats a good breakfast when you're with your most comfortable friends at your working place right guys? I just had one good breakfast awhile ago. Warm and Comfy Arroz Caldo is just what I need. So, why don't you try it too? It tastes really good. That's all for now gonna sleep and prep again for duty later.

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