Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Tol means a Child's First Birthday in Korea and my post relates to this. Last night, I went to my inaanak's first birthday held at Sapphire Ball, Astoria Hotel. Her theme for her birthday is POOH and his Friends, somewhat not appropriate for her because she's a girl and Pooh is a boy? right? Well, but I liked the venue, the set-up, the balloons, the games and of course the food. HAHA! So, I'll show you some photos from last night's birthday.

I like the balloon rainbows, sun and the clouds.

Her cake! Yummy!
Free ice cream and Free cotton candy.

Two of her birthday photos flashed on the screen. 
TRIVIA: That blouse she's wearing, I gave it to her as a Xmas gift

But, I like this picture the MOST coz she's so adorable in here. XD
Her Giveaways. 

Oh. Look! Her first game. :)

They're not ready but I am! HA!

She's tired already. :(
Got this piglet cupcake. 
TRIVIA: I gave her a piglet stuffed toy

THIS!!!!! read this in my next post. 

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