Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Series of Events. March 25 2012 | Raoph's Treat

March 25 2012 | Raoph's Treat

Lunch at Gerry's Grill Zamboanga and Bowling at Tebi & Sean Recreation Center

 Our driver--Raoph
 Now with Keith and Zahra

 Waiting for tables.

 Who orders? Keith!

 And then? what's this? glasses. Look whose playing with them.

Oh. It's Raoph. "Which one looks good on me??"

 And then there they are making the face dance. LMAO.



 Fried Chicken with Fries.

Enough with the pictures. Let's eat. HA!

 Now, it's BOWLING TIME.

Wait. Group pic muna. :P

 We were (Zahra and me) the losers so we bought them drinks.
 Real Leaf.

 Last GROUP picture.

 And we're going home.

 TADA! Made the 4 timed shot a GIF.

I had FUN.

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