Sunday, March 11, 2012

Three In One Day.

A busy Sunday it is! Got three invites for the day and good thing time isn't a problem. :)
First Event. The 21st Annual Benefactors-Scholars' Gathering. Yeah! I'm a scholar of CHED, this was my first and last time to go in this gathering and I think I had fun. Got a group picture with fellow CHED scholars but it was not yet posted in the ADZU gallery or I think they'll not post it anymore so I got nothing to show off. HAHA.
The programme. When I read this, I was surprised to see Mr. Holst name and patiently waited for his speech because me and my fellow bloggers will meet him later at 2pm.
After lunch at Jollibee, we were given this survey questionnaire and if we answer this we'll get a free ice cream so tada~ because ICE CREAM's free! 
Our free Vanilla Ice Cream :9

Second Event. Bloggers' Meet-up with Mr. Holst of the US Embassy. Happy to be one of the invited. Sorry, I came in late and so I did not properly introduced myself and I would be disrespectful if I cut in their conversation just to introduce myself. The meeting? gathering? ended well. 
*credits to Rhea's photos*
Mr. Holst.
Our giveaways. A US Embassy Pin and a magnetic Bookmark
Group Picture! XD
A chance to have some HONEYS group picture. :D

Third Event. The 50th birthday of Engr. Ruiz my father's friend. This venue is same with he blogger's meet-up XD.

Look at that! Boiled eggs on the center of the table. The celebrant told us that those eggs symbolizes his health and that there are 50 pieces of eggs and that if we eat those eggs we are helping him to live for another 50 years. We were like Oooh when he told that. 

Dinner! Lechon! Yumm!

After dinner, my father and I toured in the new hotel of the Garden, we took photos of it because the design was GREAT and was caught by the clerk. He told us that it's forbidden but it's okay if there is a subject in the photo so I told my father to posed. XD In the photo where my dad is, I learned that the ceiling is just a wallpaper, I thought it's only a plywood painted beautifully. LMAO.

A full Sunday sched isn't it?! I'm so knock-out when I arrived home. 
What do you think of the new Garden Hotel? So BEAUTIFUL isn't it? 

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