Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Series of Events. March 13 2012 | My Sister's Recognition

Hi guys!:D big grin I'm back with lotsa events to post but decided to compress it one. :P tongue This is called a catching up post because I did not updated my blog for a long time for approximately 2 weeks. #:-S whew!And this post will be filled with photos, in short my PHOTOBLOG but then again it looks so long so I'll repost  it separately.


March 13 2012 | My Sister's Recognition :) happy
My sister shaking hands with Ms. Ruth Guerero
The Bow.
A Picture with Mother Dear
Wacky Pose with her classmates.

The photos says it all. I had a Great time with these people and hope to bond with them every now and then. HA! If we're not busy with review and things. 

Congrats guys! and wish you all the best in life. 
AND Good luck in our careers. See you in reunions. 

*Skipped dates were because of pin and ring and graduation practices and PRC and checklist signing.zzz*
*Credits to Patty, Cairylle, Maica, Sheena, Zahra, and Rhea for some photos*

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